Tsunami in India

What is Tsunami?

Imagine a giant wall of water growing out of the ocean, big enough to wipe out entire coastal towns and capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people caught in its path. This is the power created by a tsunami, which is a series of waves caused by an earthquake, underwater volcanic eruption, landslide or other abrupt disturbance. Tsunamis are capable of creating massive devastation when they hit land. In this lesson, you will learn how tsunamis are created and the effects they have on people and the environment.

The word tsunami comes from the Japanese language. The prefix 'tsu' means 'harbor' and the suffix 'nami' means 'wave.' Therefore, the word literally means 'harbor wave.

Causes for Tsunami and How Do They Form?

Tsunamis can be caused by any action that creates an abrupt disturbance underwater. This can include a volcanic eruption or landslide, and even a meteorite or nuclear explosion, although these last two examples are rare. The most common cause of a tsunami is an earthquake, which is a sudden shifting of the earth's crust, which releases energy. If an earthquake happens underwater, the seafloor lifts and then drops back down, causing the overlying water to be displaced and triggering waves of water.

Preparedness Plan Matters

  • Assess the pattern of house and its distance from sea shore area.
  • Check whether the house is located in step-up place from sea level.
  • In case of light floor shakes or sea waves fluctuations, do not panic.
  • Listen to radio and other communication medium for updated information.
  • During the Tsunami, should not run towards the sea.
  • Until advised by Village Admin Officer, do not move to older buildings or flood area
  • Be aware and safe inside the house.
  • Safe storage of food items is required.
  • Storage of safe drinking water is vital.
  • Involve in rescuing of people from disaster l scenario.
  • Attend the needs of elders and children as priority with medical care and instant food arrangement.
  • Providing First Aid and approaching the nearest medical facilities on requirement.
  • Main streaming linkages by DPMC for further mobilization of recovery and rehabilitation.