Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions-CBDRR
Gramalaya Disaster Resource Center-DRC

Gramalaya has instituted a Disaster Resource Center-DRC at Kandigai in the outskirts of Chennai. The center is headed by the Project Coordinator of the Gramalaya, which counsels and mentors the communities in Disaster preparedness and mitigation. The center organizes regular one-to-one and group meetings, other field meeting and trainings at the project sites. The center has proved to be an accessible avenue to the village communities towards capacity building and making the community resilient.

Gramalaya involved in the capacity building of the local community for mitigating the risks of hazards. The center activities includes providing training in CBDRR( Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions), risk mapping, contingency and action planning, community organization, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Communities are exposed to potential hazards, and have their own means of livelihood options in accordance to the existing ecosystems that forms a part of larger governance system. The program area covers the most vulnerable community exposed to recurring disaster such as floods, cyclone and tsunami.

Resilient Recovery

Gramalaya focuses on the various resilience factors , viz

  • Identifying and listing the disaster affected communities, through One to One Meeting using the survey tool
  • Approach and Advocacy to the Donor Agencies as well as Government Officials towards speedy rehabilitation
  • Relief materials distribution to meet out their immediate requirements as well as an instant recovery measure to rehabilitate the most affected.
  • Forming a group for synchronizing the efforts of Disaster Preparedness and Management Committee-DPMC and Gramalaya. The group equips the communities towards attaining self-efficiency on the following:
  • Pro-activeness, Prevention & Preparedness
  • Awareness about First Aid procedures
  • Rescue alertness
  • Accessing the Emergency Health & Medical facility following first aid
  • Appealing to the Government agencies for Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Making arrangements of sanitation facilities to check the outbreak of epidemics.
  • Providing psychological care through peer counseling or mentoring
  • Re applying for vital documents, lost or damaged from respective Government departments.
  • Approaching the Government Public Health Institutions to organize such Public Health & Medical Camps, post Disaster period.
  • Mentoring the communities with regard to the procedures involved in availing of the Government Schemes for the Disaster affected.

District Resilience and Gramalaya:

District development plans need to be integrated with disaster risks. Communities living in the districts should have their say in the planning process. Gramalaya focuses on District resilience and supports district and block level officials in preparing development and contingency plans. These plans should be in line with hazard exposure of the district, also the communities should involve in the planning and implementation process. District planning should be complementing the community development and contingency plans.

DRC enables Gramalaya team and Disaster Preparedness and Management Committees to work closely with block level officials towards better coordination and networking with Communities and mainstreaming linkages.

The District administration is extending their full cooperation and support towards the Disaster Resilience activities of the Gramalaya and it's Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions at the Villages.

Gramalaya's Partners for Resilience

Gramalaya has partnered with Charities Aid Foundation-CAF-India, New Delhi for this purpose. The partnership propagates perfect coordination between communities and organizations by understanding the value system of Socio-Cultural based ambience and work towards the strengthening of Communities' capacities for achieving reduction in disaster risk.

Through this approach, community driven intervention is adopted along with sustainable strategies of disaster preparedness and mitigation towards Resilience.