Chennai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation program with Wal-Mart
CAF- CSR Initiatives

Gramalaya follows a distinctive concept towards the Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions-CBDRR and instituted a DRC-Disaster Resource Center at Kandigai near Chennai to achieve it. The DRC plays a key role in its outreaching efforts in the thematic areas comprising of Water, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene and Disaster Preparedness.

With regard to the Resilient Recovery, Gramalaya builds the capacities of local people and reduce the risks of hazards. It is also involved in risk mapping, contingency and action planning, community mobilization n, project implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Gramalaya has collaborated with CAF and Wal-Mart in the Disaster Risk Reduction DRR arena to bring betterment in the lives of most affected communities like Fishermen along the coastal villages and the migrated Tribals in the quarry site based villages such as Semencherry Kuppam, Nallampaakam,Keerapaakam, Veangadamangalam and Melakottaoiur, spread along the Kanchipuram District, adjacent to Chennai. During the project period of Sep'2016 to Aug'2017, these 5 Villages will be diligently mapped with support of the local Communities.

Prior to the mapping process, Gramalaya has advocated about the health collectives among the local communities, and formed a DPMC-Disaster Preparedness and Management Committee, comprised by 20 members, both men and women. The committee acts as the village level community structure to strengthen the activities of Disaster Preparedness and mentoring the communities towards receiving Government assistance for the affected people.

Through the DPMC mapping, identification and listing of most affected communities are carried out. The DPMC assisted outreach drive enabled, Gramalaya to carry out the following activities at the project villages.,viz,

  • Hygiene Training, conducting Health Camps, Identification and listing of communities affected,
  • Distribution of Relief materials (food kits & storage trunk),
  • Workshop on Behavior Change to the communities on Sanitation and Hygeine,
  • Capacity building program on Water,
  • Developing disaster preparedness IEC materials and developing disaster preparedness tools,
  • Livelihood intervention for women

Preparatory Meeting at Semmencherry-DPMC office bearers & Communities are shown in the picture.

Preparatory Meeting at Nalampaakam- DPMC & Communities are actively interacted

Among the above listed activities, Gramalaya has already accomplished the formation of Health Collectives, distribution of Dry Food Kits on the eve of Diwali season, and a component of Health & Hygiene education training at the project villages.

Monthly action plan is prepared with DPMC coordination for implementation in the villages with a prime focus on developing Disaster Preparedness Tool. Regarding the distribution of dry food kits n, Gramalaya has selected the two most affected villages,viz Semencherry Kuppam & Nallampaakam, as these villages were severely affected during the recent Chennai Floods.

Gramalaya was involved in the distribution of relief materials for the flood affected through DPMC, which helped in identifying and listing the most affected communities. DPMC involved in assessing the need, procurement and distribution of relief material along with the promotion of storing mechanism of core material during the disaster period or rainy season.

As per the proposed action plan of DPMC, it was decided to distribute the materials on 22-10-16. Prior to that, DPMC had completed all the procurement activities and stored in to the panchayt building on 21-10-16 and Pre plan meeting was also performed among the communities.

Gramalaya resource team participated in the meeting and provided inputs towards methodical way of distribution without any biased occurrences. Each relief materials package contains

  • a) Safely packed 25 kgs of High Quality Ponni Non-Stewed & Polished Rice
  • b) 1 kg of Dhall
  • c) 1 kg of White Sugar
  • d) 1 kg of Gram Dhall
  • e) 1 kg of Cooking Refined Oil
  • f) 4 Maxi + 1 mini Tupperware boxes to store wet & dry food items
  • g) 1 Maxi plastic container to store the dry food items

The above said all items are meant for One Family and worth of Rs.3000/-

Fishermen Community President Addressing about Gramalaya's efforts for Emancipation from Un-Known to Known culture of disaster Preparedness and Background Standees- DPMC office bearers at Semmencherry Coastal Village…

Distribution process through Queued materials and assessed and assorted by the DPMC members, it shows and ensures their involvement & interest of Community Participation